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fold forming, air chasing, and texturing are just a few of the methods I use to create unique, funky and fun jewelry.

About My Art

Fold Formed and Textured Earrings, Loren Gard Metal Sculptor

My current focus

I have been a metal sculptor for many years and love working with copper, brass & steel.    I look at each pair of earrings, and each bracelet as a small sculpture.  The metals invite cutting, forming, texturing and coloring with heat and patina.  Managing to create something that someone chooses to wear makes me smile.

Copper & Brass Cuffs & Bracelets, and Earrings. Loren Gard copper Jewelry

Earrings & Bracelets

Working in copper & brass I create funky, fun and well crafted designs.  Earrings that are surprisingly light weight, comfortable and easy to wear, and cuffs & bracelets for men or women.

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Metal Sculptures and fun creations

From time to time I will post a piece of sculpture, metal craft, or just something random that I have created.  Some are reproducible and will have a price. Others are more unique and may not be available.  Inquire via email if you are interested.   Freight is not included on Sculpture & Such items.

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About Loren


When I was  younger, I lived on Whidbey Island in Washington State. That is where Artwork truly began for me. In the mid-seventies I traveled and did Art Shows for a living.  I shifted gears as my family came along and spent  years pursuing a conventional  career.  A few years ago I left the career behind, and once again spend my days creating.   after all...

Life is short... act accordingly!  Enjoy every day!


I'm a very lucky man.  My wife Sue & I have been married for 40 years.  She inspires and tolerates me. She is one of my biggest fans which means that she checks my display boxes regularly to claim her favorite new jewelry for her personal collection.   We have 3 grown kids, and 8 Grandchildren.  Family is the most important thing!  I am always aware of how lucky I am to be surrounded by people I love, and get to do work that I enjoy every day.  Life is good!

Loren Gard Metal Sculptor

Creative Minds are rarely Tidy

I make my  texturing tools out of chisels and old hammers. I love the process of working the metal, as well as designing a look.  Fold forming, air chasing, heat coloring cutting, sanding & polishing, and working with a patina process, are to me, what a day at Disney could be to a child. I love  learning something new, and developing a way of "making",  that is comfortable for me. I call my work space "Studio G".  A 500 sq foot garage with work benches, shelves, tools and material. It is a happy place for me.   I have a separate space for doing findings and finishing.

 Wherever I am working, the space is filled with music and contentment.

Featured Work

Shops & Galleries

My work can be found at ;

Indianapolis International Airport in the Enroute Spa.

Gallery 116 East 116th St. Fishers Indiana

I will be posting additional shops along with show announcements soon.

Keep in mind... My work is hand made and no two items will turn out exactly like another.  Sizes can be changed to suit your needs, Just let me know.

Contact Me

Life is Good

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I will respond fairly quickly to email or text. If you have a special request, an issue with shipping or your product please email or call me.

Indianapolis, Indiana 46256, United States

(317) 945-2225